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About Us
GB Clean Energy (GBCE) creates value for coal resource owners, investors, and consumers throughout the world.  Our LiMaxTM Coal Process (LCP) transforms low energy, high emission coals into clean, transportable high grade fuels.  Our LCP technology is low cost and the first coal upgrading technology now operating successfully on a commercial scale.
We have built and now operate an industrial scale (1 MTPA) coal upgrading plant in Inner Mongolia, China. We deliver complete technological, industrial and financial solutions to increase the value of under-developed low rank coal resources.  We dramatically reduce energy adjusted transportation and logistics costs, improve power plant efficiencies  and reduce green house gas emissions.
GBCE has an international team of more than 200 people, with specialists in research and development, industrial design, project management and investment.  Our offices and facilities are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Inner Mongolia and Singapore. 
GBCE is partnering with major coal companies, engineering firms and financial institutions in Inner Mongolia, the United States, Indonesia, Russia and Australia to globalize our clean coal technologies.  GBCE aims to become world’s largest clean coal company, producing clean energy for future generations.


Upgraded Baiyinhua Coal

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