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GBCE Upgrades Coal for China Power

China, November 28, 2013, GB Clean Energy Ltd. (GBCE) has upgraded 2,000 tonnes of low rank 3,600 kcal gar coal for China Power’s Baiyinhua Mine, located 200 km from at GBCE’s commercial plant in Holingol, Inner Mongolia, and produced 1,300 tonnes of high rank 5,000 kcal gar coal. The coal has been shipped by rail to Jinzhou Port for loading on an ocean vessel that will take it to Shanghai, where China Power has several power plants.


Upgraded Baiyinhua Coal at Jinzhou Port


GBCE International Chairman, Steve Chu said:

“We are the first to ship large quantities of upgraded coal over long distances. The upgraded Baiyinhua coal did not reabsorb any moisture. It handles better than the original coal and meets Jinzhou and Shanghai Ports’ strict environmental standards for dust and other pollutants. This test run culminates an extensive evaluation of our coal upgrading technology by China Power, one of China’s largest power and coal producers.”

GBCE’s upgraded coal is a new source of environmentally friendly, cleaner coal and is now expanding its operations in China and is entering the Indonesian coal market in partnership with local mining companies.