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Global Project Pipeline


GBCE is working with the largest coal companies in Indonesia,  Australia, Russia and elsewhere to jointly build coal upgrading plants at their mining operations, with low rank coal resources totaling more than 30 billion tons.  We have evaluated coal samples from all the major coal producing regions in China; both Sumatra and East Kalimantan in Indonesia; the Latrobe Valley in Australia and the Kuznetskiy and Kansko-Achinskiy Basins in Russia.  Our LCPTM process consistently produce dramatic increases in coal quality and value.

The following table summarizes the processing results of coals from different regions.  The INI 1, INI 2 and INI 3 were produced from the same coal sample (MIne5).  LTV 1 and LTV 2 were produced from the same Loy Yang sample.  The results demonstrate that we can produce a customized coal with different characteristics from the same coal feedstock.  


Upgraded Baiyinhua Coal

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