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The First Industrial Scale, Commercially Operating Coal Upgrading Plant in the World

GBCE has built and is now operating the world’s first industrial scale coal upgrading facility.  It has capacity to process 1 MTPA of coal feedstock and is located in Holingol, Inner Mongolia, the largest lignite producing region in China.  The coal is typically high moisture (35 – 40% TM) and 3200 – 3400 kcal gar.  Depending on market requirements, we produce 5000 – 5500 kcal coal (gar) with greatly reduced moisture content (< 10% gar).

Holingol has 240 billion tons of low rank coal resources and currently produces 60 MTPA (2011) and plans to expand production to 100 MTPA by 2015.  Heavy rail with an annual capacity of 150 MTPA links Holingol to Jinzhou coal port, from which sea transport to the major coastal power producers is readily available.  We target a total installed processing capacity of 50 MTPA in Inner Mongolia by the end of 2015.

Our facilities in Holingol and elsewhere in Inner Mongolia will produce customized thermal coals, PCI, coal gas, tar, tar oil, and electricity for sale to the grid.


Construction Milestones
  • Jul, 2011
  • Aug, 2011
  • Sep, 2011
  • Oct, 2011
  • Dec, 2011

Upgraded Baiyinhua Coal

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